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PaediatricsStory of the Department

The paediatric department under expert doctors like Dr. Jacob Abraham T for the past 25 years provides the best paediatric medical assessment, management, treatment and cure for children in a very affectionate way. The ambience of a paediatric department it's very caring to cater to the needs of paediatric patients from babies to teenagers. Thus babies and children are able to respond faster to the treatment provided.



  • OP Timings
  • Diseases/Conditions & Treatments

OP Timings

Dr. Jacob Abraham T

Monday - Saturday
8 AM - 1.30 PM, 4 PM - 6 PM

Dr. Veena P

Monday - Friday (9 AM - 1.30 PM, 3.30 PM - 6 PM)
Saturday (9 AM - 1.30 PM)

Dr. Arun George

Diseases/Conditions & Treatments

Range of Services Offered

  • General Paediatric
    • Outpatient Clinic
    • Inpatient Care
  • Well Baby Clinic
  • Immunization clinic
  • Growth and neurodevelopment assessment and follow-up.
  • 24 hours paediatric emergency services.
  • Asthma / Allergy clinic.


OUR DOCTORSTeam of Consultants

Dr. Jacob Abraham T Paediatrics Senior Consultant Paediatrician / H.O.D. of Paediatrics View Profile
Dr. Veena P Paediatrics Consultant Paediatrician View Profile
Dr. Arun George Paediatrics Consultant Paediatrician View Profile